About Us

Distress Centre Durham helps people in distress to cope, by providing emotional support, crisis/suicide management and community education. Our values provide the philosophical foundations for all that we do, collectively and individually, with service users, responder volunteers, staff and our communities.


Planning, organizing and implementing every activity honestly and ethically.

Standards of Excellence:

Recognizing the need for continuous self-evaluation, innovation and ongoing training (education) in order to maintain best practices in service delivery.

Being Service-Driven:

Ensuring that every decision puts the service user’s issue first.


Embracing and supporting the spirit of philanthropy and the value of voluntary action towards the enrichment of the community and individual lives.


Supporting individuals in taking ownership of personal choices and aiding in the development of personal coping skills to manage their lives in a healthful manner.

Respect for all Persons:

Treating everyone with dignity and without judgement and using the power of our roles appropriately.


Delivering on our commitments.


Maintaining and growing linkages with complementary agencies and/or community members.


Providing appropriate and timely service in an empathetic manner which serves the best interest of the service-user.

Being Community-Based:

Ensuring that services and programs are relevant and responsive to individual community needs trends and gaps in service.


Respecting and incorporating this principle as a fundamental component of our service delivery, unless it is waived by the caller, or unless life and / or personal safety are at risk.


Creating and celebrating an inclusive environment where everyone is treated with dignity & respect, regardless of background, ethnicity, language, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, age, disability or economic status.


Aiding individuals in the development of support networks, which build on personal coping skills to include resource information for relevant community organizations / agencies.