Thank you for your interest in becoming a D.C.D. Volunteer Helpline Worker. The number of participants in our Basic Training Workshop is deliberately limited. This ensures a personalized focus on skills, which translates into high-quality work on our helplines. We are very proud of the caliber of work our volunteers deliver.

As we do not charge for our training workshops, we must charge for our membership expenses. Our fee for registration is $55.00 plus volunteer will pay for own police check ($20.00) – cost to volunteer in total will be $75.00. The Volunteer will receive the following:

  • all necessary training and orientation materials ($55.00 value)
  • Distress Centre Durham Helpline Worker Certification
  • monthly newsletter
  • refreshments for training and orientation sessions

We regret that our budget does not allow us to provide these materials free of charge. We feel our training benefits all aspects of your personal and professional lives – not just on our helplines.

We require the $55.00 non-refundable fee, to be paid at the registration meeting. Training materials will be distributed at the time of payment.

Please note that the fee is not intended to be a barrier to volunteering and may be waived at your request with no questions asked.

If for some reason, you are unable to attend the training session for which you are registered, please notify our office at 905-430-3511 with as much advanced notice as possible, as often there is waiting list for training.

Registration fees may be applied to the next scheduled training session, only at the discretion of D.C.D. Staff, depending upon the circumstances.

In the event of “no-show” (and no notification), you will be ineligible to re-register for future training, and your registration fee will be non-refundable.

Welcome and Good Luck in your training!