Policy Title:

Screening Volunteers and Staff

Policy Statement:

In order to protect the qualify and integrity of the Distress Centre Durham service delivery, and therefore the clients who are served, DCD shall carefully screen all applicants on an initial and ongoing basis

Standards and Procedures:

Screening Mechanisms shall include:

  • Screening processes which are appropriate for each position/role
  • Clearly written policies which include a rationale, process/procedures and consequences of non-compliance
  • Initial information packages which detail criteria and expectations of the role involved
  • A screening interview {i.e. telephone interview for Helpline worker and face-to-face interview for staff members} which will precipitate and influence acceptance to the next level
  • Reference checks on each individual {1 personal, 1 professional} for which each candidate must sign authorization and recognition of failure to disclose truthful information and upon which acceptance into DCD is influenced
  • Police Records with Vulnerable Sector check (which must be clear of any offense, which may be deemed a potential threat to other volunteers or Helpline clients)
  • Clearance from the therapist of any individual undergoing professional therapy, that DCD work would not endanger the emotional/mental health of the worker
  • Confidentiality and Release of Information documents which must be signed prior to attendance at training and annually thereafter (and of which each person receives a copy)
  • Evaluation during basic training sessions which is both objective and subjective and which is measured against standards which are provided to the candidate in advance of training sessions
  • A thorough Orientation Session, following successful completion of interviews and training, which includes policy review and the mechanics of the Centre
  • Successful completion of DCD Basic Training Workshop, based upon the Volunteer Helpline Worker Certification Policy
  • Successful completion of four 4-hour Mentor Shifts in the month following Basic Training